About the Exhibition Items

A complete list of items that were on view the Dietrich Gallery and/or the label text written by each Activist-Curator Fellow. Label text is published here with the respective Fellow’s permission. Each Fellow retains the copyright over their label text, and no part of it may be used without their permission.

Right click on each image to view it in a new window, enlarge, and/or see all pages of the PDFs.

For and By Black Philly Queer & Trans Artists - Wit López

"I Refuse Servitude" - Germaine Ingram

Freedom Dreams - Malkia Okech

Trans-Atlantic Autobiography - Charlyn Griffith-Oro

Uncovering Forgotten Black Philly Food Stories - Khaliah D. Pitts and Nia Minard

"Our existence is our resistance." - Katherine Antarikso

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